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Gem 2023 Product Highlights

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

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December 18, 2023

At Gem, we always strive to move quickly and help our customers hire talent with remarkable speed and efficiency.

In 2023, we shipped over 100 features and wanted to share some highlights to help you get the most out of Gem – and innovate faster in 2024.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the key highlights:

  • Gem AI: use generative AI to discover, engage, and hire faster

  • Talent Marketing: attract talent with career sites, landing pages, events, and branded campaigns

  • Gem ATS: Pair Gem's sourcing, CRM, and analytics with our ATS for a scalable, all-in-one solution

  • New sourcing site integrations: source talent from more of your favorite sites

  • App Review enhancements: review inbound applications faster with skills ranking and bulk actions

  • Capacity Planner: build a capacity plan based on historical ATS data, forecast models, and scenario analysis

  • Source ROI Calculator: optimize budgets with deeper insights on cost per application and cost per hire

  • More robust reporting configurations: create deeper, customizable data visualizations and analysis

  • Pre-application scheduling and scorecards: streamline conversations with prospective candidates

Tap into Gem AI to discover talent, personalize communication, and hire faster

AI Sequence

2023 is the year generative artificial intelligence took the world by storm, and recruiting technology was no exception. At Gem, we realized the immense potential of using AI with Gem’s robust, proprietary data. To that end, we’ve started to incorporate generative AI throughout our platform, with more exciting investments coming in 2024:

  • Talent search & discovery: Gem AI will create tailored CRM search queries based on the unique characteristics of the job description in your ATS. When viewing a specific candidate, Gem’s AI matching engine will identify similar profiles and review critical social signals to identify those most likely to be open to new job opportunities for higher conversions.

  • Personalized outreach: Gem AI auto-generates messages with personalized tokens tailored to the unique attributes of each candidate’s profile. Our internal data shows that Gem AI-generated messages yield a 30-40% improvement in response rates!

  • Prioritize inbound applications: Find qualified applicants faster with AI-suggested search filters tailored to the specific requirements listed in the job description.

Learn more about Gem AI.

Elevate your talent marketing strategy

Talent Marketing - Events Management

During the summer, we launched a suite of recruitment marketing products, from career sites and landing pages to events management, talent communities, and branded nurture campaigns. As with all Gem solutions, our products are designed for end-users, which means recruiting teams can build compelling career sites, create standout landing pages, run awesome events, and nurture talent communities all on their own – without asking for IT or marketing resources. With all these solutions under one platform, our customers reap the cost-savings of vendor consolidation while juggling fewer tools to get more work done. Learn more about Talent Marketing.

Experience the all-in-one hiring bundle recruiters love with Gem ATS

ATS Hero

Over the past few years, countless customers have asked: “When will Gem build an ATS?” Then they’d add commentary like, “You’re already making the ATS better in so many ways… why don’t you just go the last mile?” Good news, now is finally the right time. Gem ATS is now available for startups and small businesses and will be available for mid-to-large organizations in 2024. Learn more about Gem ATS.

Source talent from more of your favorite sites

Sourcing Image

Gem has always been the no-brainer for sourcing top talent wherever you find them. Over the past year, we’ve expanded our suite of sourcing site integrations so you can 1-click add their candidate details from even more places, including, but not limited to:

  • Xing, JobsDB, EJobs, OCC Mundial for global talent in Germany, Thailand, Romania, and Mexico

  • FactoryFix and Doximity for specialized talent in manufacturing or healthcare

  • Instagram, Dribble,, ArtStation for creative talent

We also launched the ability to drag & drop PDF resumes into Gem so you can source from sites even if Gem doesn’t have a 1-click integration! Learn more about our integrations.

Review inbound applications even faster with skills ranking and bulk actions

Application Review Overview

Application review has been one of the most successful Gem products of the year, helping recruiters sift through their inbound stack with fewer clicks, advanced filters, and visual profile highlights. In 2023, we launched even more features to accelerate the process with the ability to sort applications based on the number of desired skills and bulk disposition. Learn more about Application Review.

Build a robust capacity plan to efficiently  your hiring goals

Capacity Planner Dashboard

In the so-called “Year of Efficiency,” Talent Acquisition teams are asked to meet their hiring goals with limited resources. To help our customers with this Herculean request, we launched Capacity Planner. This recruiting headcount planning solution incorporates historical ATS data, forecast models, and scenario planning so recruiting teams can determine the resources they need to meet hiring goals while simultaneously responding to dynamic market demands. Learn more about Capacity Planner.

Optimize recruiting budgets with Source ROI calculator

Optimize your recruiting budget with Source Channel ROI Calculator | Blog image

Another related theme for Talent Acquisition teams is to streamline budgets and justify spend. Talent Acquisition teams use several channels to attract and find talent, but it’s often unclear which sources bring in a return on the investment or ROI. Our latest enhancement to Talent Compass allows TA leaders to easily track spend and capture cost-per-application & cost-per-hire across all channels to determine which channels drive hiring outcomes. Learn more about Source ROI Calculator.

Use more robust analytics to inform your strategy

Standardized reporting

Analytics has always been one of Gem's strongest offerings, and we doubled down on that by empowering our customers to analyze metrics and KPIs at an even deeper level. This includes multi-dimensional widgets through stacked bar charts, allowing for more dynamic data visualization and analysis. Custom groupings and fields enable customers to categorize data to suit their unique needs. Finally, Gem rolled out deeper DEI reporting with the ability to filter and group by three different data sources: Self-ID (e.g., EEOC / ATS demographic surveys), manual overrides, and predictive (for aggregate/anonymized use). 

Streamline pre-application conversations with prospects

Talent CRM scorecards

ATSes have built scorecards and scheduling capabilities for candidates post-application. However, given that benchmarks show that 80% of recruiting now happens before the applications, many recruiting teams crave these similar capabilities for top-of-funnel conversations. Gem heard these customer requests and rolled out two new features to assist recruiters in these workflows. 

  • Top-of-funnel scheduling: recruiters can schedule recruiting phone screens and other pre-application one-on-one calls with candidates

  • Gem Scorecards: Whether it's an introductory pre-sell chat, an event meet-up, or a phone screen, you can use Gem Scorecards to capture call notes and leave standardized ratings. You can also easily track and report these interactions without ruffling through spreadsheets or docs.

Hello 2024!

Thanks to all of you for making this possible and for your future input to help us build the next set of features that empower recruiting teams everywhere. We promise that the best version of Gem will always be yet to come.


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